Saturday, January 7, 2012

If I had been able to speak at the protest in Beit Shemesh..

I would have spoken about Achdus..

I would have spoken about trying to treat each and every Jew with respect....

I would have spoken about ways to compromise while not sacrificing the safety and well being of the students.

I would have spoken about living and let live.  I started this blog as a way to bring the Jewish people back together. It's time to stop focusing on the negative of people and start focusing on the positive. You could easily find negative in all walks of life in the Jewish people . It says in Pirkei Avos that "Hevai Dan es Kol Hadam Dan lekaf zechus"..  we all have to work on finding the positive in all Jews.. Let's stop the hatred and bring the Bais Hamikdash TODAY.

Photographer who brings hope..

I read a blog for Jewish mothers called  and recently in her effort to help things she posted about a secular photographer from the newspaper Haaretz who chose to go against the tides and has spent several years to show the beauty of the Chareidi world. This photographer gives me hope that if we really put our minds to it we can really bring out the beauty of all of the Jewish people..

As one Nation with one Heart כאיש אחד בלב אחד

Recent events in Israel have put all of the Jewish people around the world into such turmoil .Jew against Jew.. Brother against Brother. I thought and I thought about what can be done. The solution is אהבת חינם which means unconditional loving. The Bais Hamikdash (The Holy Temple in Jerusalem) was destroyed about baseless hatred.There is trouble on all ends and something truly needs to be changed if we truly want Moshiach to come and have the Bais Hamikdash rebuilt.

The Jewish people left Mitzrayim through different gates for each Tribe, yet when we got to Har Sinai the Torah writes "ויחן שם ישרא-ל נגד ההר" which means that "Yisrael camped there opposite the mountain". If you read the Rashi  on these words he explains on the words "ויחן שם ישרא-ל" to mean that the Jewish people were encamped opposite Har Sinai "as one person with one heart (mind).." Somehow we have to get back to that idea. We have to focus on the fact that we all are one people and one soul. We might have issues we disagree on but we all have things in common. We are all the children of the Avos and Imahos, we all fear Hash-m, we all value Torah and want to keep it to the best of our abilities. When we received the Torah over 3,000 years ago there were no labels like Chareidi, Dati Leumi, Chardal, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Secular. The labels were of two separate kinds. The first set of labels were Reuven, Shimon , Levi, Yehuda , Yisaachar , Zevulun , Dan, Naftali, Gad , Asher, Yosef and Binyamin. The second type of classification is Kohein, Levi and Yisrael. Those are the true labels of the Jewish people. Even with our true labels we can still be like one person with one heart.  We are all responsible for one another as the Chazal goes " Kol Yisrael Areivim Ze la Zeh"